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Idea: choosing the best dog for your kids

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Best Dog Breed For Children header

What's the best dog breed for children? What common mistakes do parents make
choosing a dog for families?

"Which Dog is Best for YOUR Family?"

From: Shannon Emmanuel

Date: Friday, 2:30 pm

Dear Parent Thinking of Buying a Puppy,

The sad fact is that 4 out of 10 families will give up the dog they
choose within the first year. WHY? Maybe the dog was too nervous, maybe
it was too rough with the kids or perhaps the family realized they
didn't have enough time to care for it.

Of course, that would be a terrible heartbreak for you and your
children. Owning a dog has many benefits for children - improved self
confidence, compassion, friendship - but if the dog you choose doesn't
fit your family it will only be a source of stress and frustration -
and that's not going to make anyone better off.

You don't have time to research every breed, and there's no ONE breed
that's best for ALL families, so what can you do? Just jump in and see
what you come out with?

"Parents - Watch Out for These Common Mistakes"

As a fellow parent I know exactly what's going through your mind - "I
want to give my children the gift of a pet - the memories, the
responsibility, the affection. But I want them to be safe and I don't
want the guilt of giving up a dog if it doesn't work out."

I asked the same question when choosing a dog for my young daughters.
Fortunately, in my profession as a research writer I knew exactly what
to do - research, research, research! It took some time, and MANY, MANY
cross references, but what I came out with was the top breeds that
experts from many fields; doctors, trainers and breeders, could agree
would make great family pets.

EVEN BETTER - I found out WHICH of these breeds is most suitable for
the type of family owning it. Yes, I know which dog is best for YOUR
FAMILY! Read on to find out why...

What Readers are Saying...

"Hi Shannon,

I just had to write to say "thank you", and how impressed I was with
your book: "Choose the Best Dog for Your Child". The book was
beautifully illustrated, well laid out, made for easy reading and a
"must have", if you are considering getting a dog.

I wish I had your book as a reference book, when we got our first dog,
a black lab; not a dog for a small suburban house with a family at work
all day.Your book explains in detail which breed would be a suitable
pet and the best environment for that pet. Reading your book, "before
we decided what dog to get", would have saved us a lot of tears and
sadness; it was not a pleasant experience having to give our dog away.

I will be using your book as a guide for our pet therapy class, with
special need adults.Thanks again Shannon."

Paul Mackie
Early Childhood Educator and Special Need Community Care Worker

Read More Testimonials Here...

"Which Types of Dogs are Best for Families?"

You may have already done some research yourself and discovered that
certain breeds are commonly labeled as 'good for kids'. However, the
fact that a particular breed may like PLAYING with children does not
necessarily make it a good fit for YOUR kids.

The honest truth is a dog 'list' can't help you make the right choice.
Why? Because there is so much more to having a SAFE and HAPPY dog then
a simple list can explain! So, how will you find the RIGHT dog for YOUR

Thanks to the abundance of expert advice, you'll find out even MORE
than which breed should be considered. You can save your family from a
lot of frustration by finding this valuable information out before
choosing your puppy.

Best Family Dog Pets

"He sure is cute - but is he right for YOUR family?"

Ask yourself these questions before you choose a dog for your

* Is My Family Ready for a Dog? Can we Afford the Time and Costs of a

* Do We Have Time to Raise a Puppy? Are Rescued Dogs Safe?

* Are Purebreeds Worth the Money? Are Mixed Breeds Healthier?

* If I Like the Look of a Dog, Does it Matter What it Was Bred for?

* Do I Know Which Breeds Experts Recommend?

* Should Some Breeds be Avoided for First Time Owners?

* Do I Know Which Breed Would Best Suit MY Family?

* Do I Know How to Select a Healthy, Good Tempered Puppy?

* Do I Know the Health Problems Associated with My Favorite Breed?

What the Expert's Say...

"Shannon has done a wonderful job in her research. I'm very picky in
the breeds that I'd recommend for children and Shannon's choices are
right on the money. She even includes some lesser known breeds that
love the attention of children but few families even know they exist!"

John Karnish
ABTA Certified Obedience Trainer & Top ABU Graduate

Follow these 5 steps to choosing the best dog for your family!

So there's a little more involved than agreeing on everyone's favorite
breed, but that's OK. Because as a caring parent you know that the
health, safety and happiness of your kids often means doing a little

On the other hand, you are facing relentless pressure to GET A DOG!
Don't worry - all the research is done and you can quickly get the
basics in a quick scan of the information. If you choose to wait, or
are still considering whether you WILL get a dog, you can take your
time and use the easy worksheets that help you go STEP-BY-STEP through
the decision making process and come up with a PERFECT ANSWER!

What Dog Lovers Are Saying...

"I read your book and really enjoyed it. You have so much practical
information in there. I really love the pic's and I especially
appreciate that you stress that choosing a dog should not be left up to
the child. This is so important. As someone who has volunteered in
several animal shelters, I have seen the results of the "but my
daughter promised she would take care of her..." deal."

Margaret Svete - author of several dog books, guest expert on CNN and
featured in Town & Country and Animal Fair

"Do you want help choosing a dog for your family?"

You've got the answers right here - so there's no need to worry that
you will ever have to break your children's heart or send another dog
to a cold, unwelcoming shelter.

You don't need to waste countless hours reading breed manuals or
spending money on books you'll never read;

You won't be afraid you've put your children in danger or made a costly

Because you CAN find out how to 'Choose the Best Dog for Your Child'...

best dog breed for children - book

Because NOW you can find the information you need to choose the best
dog for your family in a simple guide for only $34.95.

For a limited amount of time `Choose the Best Dog for Your Child' is
being offered RIGHT NOW...

for ONLY $14.95 plus BONUSES!

-PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!

Don't miss out on this exceptional value that will pay you back over
and over again with the joy of owning the perfect dog for your family!

Even better than that, I want your new dog or puppy to start out on the
best footing with your family, so I'm adding some exciting bonuses that
will help you train and treat your dog, making him or her the best
friend your children ever had...

Bonus #1

`Housebreak Your Puppy in 5 Days'
No mess - no discipline. Find out the
secret technique professionals use for
housebreaking and other dog training
with this easy to follow downloadable

Value $12.95 - Yours FREE!
Best dog breed for children - Housebreak Bonus
Bonus #2

`Doggy Diary' helps your children learn
about safety and responsiblity while
creating this fun memory book with
printable pages all about their favorite pet!

Value $9.95 - Yours FREE!
Best dog breed for children - diary bonus
Bonus #3 - NEW BONUS!

`No More Dog Allergies;
10 Ways to Deal Effectively
with allergies to dogs - for you
or your children!
It IS Possible to have a dog when you have allergies.

Value $17.95 - Yours FREE!
Best dog breed for children - Allergy Bonus

That's over $60 of information for only $14.95!*

*These bonuses are part of my market research and may go on sale
individually soon,
so to get the best deal you must order `Choose the Best Dog for Your
Child' Now!

'Choosing the Best Dog for Your Child' is an easy read and there is NO
OTHER BOOK ON THE MARKET that specifically addresses your interest in
finding the RIGHT dog for your children!

You can download the book right away and skim through the information
in less than an hour. With all that's at stake, can you afford not to?
So here's your chance to make the best decision before buying your
children a puppy...

- Replace the cost of dozens of breed specific manuals with one easy to
read, simple to follow guide!

- Get the value of saving yourself the hours of research and reading
you'd have to do to make an educated decision for your family.

And, best of all, choose the BEST dog for your family, knowing you've
protected them from the heartbreak and tragedy they may have faced
- PLUS, you also get Valuable bonuses making this package
worth over $60, but only for a limited time.

And because I know you'll appreciate the value of this information, I'm
giving you my promise of quality with my
100% Satisfaction Guarantee.
If you don't agree that the information I've reviewed and researched
could save you time and frustration, you get your money back - no
questions asked!

"This is the RIGHT Choice for YOUR Family!"
Click the Download Button to Gain INSTANT Access to your ebook 'Choose
the Best Dog for Your Child' and Bonuses
-PayPal - The safer, easier way to pay online!

Thank you,

Shannon Emmanuel


Remember that the information provided in this manual could easily mean
the difference between giving your family the wonderful love of a
favorite dog or making the excruciating decision to send your
children's pet away to a shelter.

And don't forget that `Choose the Best Dog for Your Child' may go up in
price at any time so order now to get the most value!

Parents, subscribe to my 'Kids and Dogs' newsletter. You'll get great
information along with articles and tips about raising a dog with
children. But don't underestimate the importance of starting out with
the right dog in the first place as it will make all your efforts that
much more rewarding!

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I hate spam as much as you do and I promise to protect your
information. I do not sell or rent my lists to anyone and will not send
you commercial emails at any time.
Click here to view our Privacy Policy.

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